This installation delves into how we can be active participants in protecting our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Rather than feeling defeated and fearful, we can be empowered to make more sustainable choices. The interactive element allows viewers to put themselves in the position to make a difference. While one person can suspend negative impacts on our bodies of water the more people we bring to the conversation the bigger difference we can make. The goal of this piece is to open up a dialogue on how our daily activities can negatively affect our bodies of water and to energize positive change.

I created this piece using creative coding through a program called Processing which I hooked up to an Xbox Kinect. Through the Kinect, the program detects anyone who stands in front of it and allows them to move or hold the particles and are falling into the water. Each particle represents one of the six top contributors to water pollution. Through this interaction, individuals have the ability to suspend those negative effects from impacting the water below. This represents each person impact on the environment and the power that each person has to stop their input into water pollution.